How to Avoid and Treat Macular Degeneration

While there is no so-called magic bullet that will prevent macular degeneration from developing, the situation is far from hopeless.

In fact, said on its website recently that there are things people can do either to minimize the odds of getting macular degeneration or to at least slow down the deterioration process if the condition ever does arise.

Adopting a healthy diet, such as making liberal use of leafy green vegetables and eating lots of fruits, can slow down macular degeneration or ultimately prevent the condition from developing in the first place, according to People who want to be proactive about warding off or slowing down the progression of macular degeneration could also ask their family physicians to suggest supplements that have vitamins A, D and E; zinc, beta-carotene; and copper. So a mixed-bag approach of easy-to-follow suggestions can indeed help people in the fight against macular degeneration.

According to, various studies have arrived at the conclusion that those who fail to adopt healthy eating habits can actually quicken the pace at which the macula starts to deteriorate. And it is the deterioration of the macula that can ultimately lead to the condition called macular degeneration, an ailment that normally only impacts the elderly.

Fortunately, there are treatments available that, while not capable of actually curing people of macular degeneration, can slow the development of the condition.

For instance, laser surgery eliminates newly formed blood vessels that can discharge blood into the macular; photodynamic therapy involves a process that closes deviant blood vessels; and medications such as pegaptanib or ranibizumab can be injected into eyes to delay blood vessel growth.

According to, people who have macular degeneration should wear sunglasses that provide UV protection, since studies suggest that bright sunlight can quicken the progression of macular degeneration. Ways to cope with the condition, which impairs vision and could ultimately lead to blindness, include using magnifiers or special glasses to read. noted the following tips that people should consider to lower the risk factors of getting macular degeneration:

  • exercise
  • avoid smoking
  • avoid obesity
  • use sunglasses that offer UV protection
  • eat healthful foods such as leafy green vegetables



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