Causes and Risk Factors

There are several macular degeneration causes and risk factors.

It seems that the greatest risk factor for developing macular degeneration is age.  The highest incident of the eye disease is found in people over the age of 60 years old.

Other macular degeneration risk factors include:

  • Smoking:  Research has shown that smoking may increase your risk of getting AMD.
  • Gender:  Women are at higher risk than men of developing macular degeneration.
  • Family history:  You have a higher risk of developing macular degeneration if you have immediate family members suffering from the eye disease.
  • Race:  AMD causes vision loss more often in Whites than in people of African American descent.
  • Obesity:  Studies and research indicate that there is a link between obesity and the progression of of AMD.  You should contact your healthcare provider to help you outline a healthy nutrition plan and exercise regiment.
  • Lifestyle: Living a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risks of AMD.  Eat smart and get plenty of green leafy vegetables.  Eliminate smoking and exercise daily to maintain a normal blood pressure and healthy weight.


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