Western Arizona Regional Medical Center’s “Lunch and Learn” Initiative Teaches Seniors About AMD

(http://www.MacularDegenerations.com) Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) was the topic of discussion for local seniors when the Western Arizona Regional Medical Center held its monthly “Lunch and Learn” initiative recently, according to the Mohave Valley Daily News on 30 July.

According to the article, the discussion, which concentrated on optometry, specifically honed in on AMD and how it particularly impacts the senior demographic.

The article cited Dr. Andrew Ochiltree, an optometrist working at the Mohave Eye Center, as saying during the session that he’s noticed that more patients who are 50 or older are coming down with AMD. Prevention efforts, such as monthly eye exams, are the best way for people to safeguard their eye health, he added.

According to the article, Dr. Ochiltree responded to questions posed by the seniors who attended the session. The questions focused on the cause of AMD and how to treat the eye condition that can lead to blindness. While research has yet to uncover the root cause of AMD, the article cited Dr. Ochiltree as telling the seniors that there are some things that could very well contribute to the onset of the eye ailment. He singled out smoking, bad lifestyle, poor diet and possibly genetics as factors that could make people more susceptible to getting AMD. He acknowledged that “early detection” as well as regular checkups are critical if people want to keep their eyes functioning properly.

According to the article, one of the seniors who attended the session asked about what drugs are available to treat AMD and if insurers foot the bill for such medications. Dr. Ochiltree explained that there are two kinds of drugs used — Lucentis and Avastin. The former costs as much as $2,000 and is injected into the eye. The latter costs almost three times less than does Lucentis and has comparable medical benefits. Whether or not the drugs would be covered by insurers is a function of the sort of insurance coverage people have, he added.

Those interested in taking part in future “Lunch and Learn” sessions can do so by getting in touch with Jena Morga at 928-763-0282, according to the article.

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