People Can Ward Off or Manage Macular Degeneration with Right Diet, Lifestyle

People who want to be more proactive on the eye health front should think long and hard about things such as what they put on their plates during mealtime, according to the Calgary Herald recently.

The report cited Dr. Sonja Hagemann, who works at Market Mall Eye Care, as saying that certain foods can actually delay the progression of macular degeneration and other eye conditions. She explained that macular degeneration, if caught early on, can be successfully managed with the right diet and lifestyle choices.

According to Dr. Hagemann, the following are some things people should keep in mind if they want to keep their eyes functioning properly well into their golden years:

Omega 3s: Dr. Hagemann said in the report that the omega 3 found in fish oils has a positive impact on the macula, which is located near the retina. She said that people should eat more fish. The wild variety is preferable to the farm raised variety, she added in the report.

Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables are a must for people who want to do everything they can to keep their eyes healthy, added Dr. Hagemann in the report. She explained that dark, leafy vegetables — such as spinach, kale and Swiss chard — contain a type of pigment that is proven to benefit the eyes. Dr. Hagemann added that people can also make liberal use of colorful produce such as carrots, peppers and tomatoes. Doing so, she said, will increase their antioxidant intake. For the best results, people should favor locally-grown produce since produce picked prior to ripening actually possess less antioxidant benefits.

Healthy Lifestyle: Dr. Hagemann stressed in the report that one of the most important things people can do on the eye health front is to practice a healthy and active lifestyle. She said people need to be active, consume lots of produce and fruit, and — of course — wear their sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful ultra violet rays. She added that people need to avoid harmful things such as smoking, obesity, poor heating habits and inactivity.

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