New Type Of Treatment May Be Very Effective When Taken With Medicine

Researchers have found that an oral nutriceutical quickly restores vision in patients threatened by permanent vision loss, when used on a last-resort basis.

Injectable drugs, called angiogenesis inhibitors, have generally been thought to be a medical miracle and patients with advanced macular degeneration are quite familiar with them. However, they are not as effective as would be ideal – this is where the oral nutriceutical comes in.

According to Stuart Richer OD, PhD, Director of the Ocular Preventative Medicine-Eye Clinic in North Chicago says that this oral treatment came as a last resort after all other therapies had been exhausted. He says that while many patients have achieved results with injections, “about one in three patients recover driving vision and one in six patients go on to experience permanent vision loss and others may refuse needle injections directly into the eyes, making them candidates for this rescue medicine.”

Results from the first researcher-monitored cases have shown a vanishing of blind spots (scotomas), and visual sharpness increases within 3-6 weeks after receiving the oral nutriceutical. The time needed to recover from bright lights was reduced, and contrast vision (the ability to differentiate between shades) increased.

Positive responses were recorded in 16 of the 17 initial cases, with no reported side effects. None were given placebos, as the patients were facing vision loss and the use of placebos was viewed as unethical.

“With our instruments we documented a more youthful appearance of retinal tissues as well as improved underlying circulation. There were also other improvements in health observed or measured outside of the eyes that were unanticipated,” Dr. Richer is reported as saying.

“This oral nutriceutical taps into the newly appreciated science of epigenetics, where gene protein-making switches are favorably turned on and off, and suggests that age-related eye problems may not be inevitably progressive and biological age is not necessarily cast in stone.”

The oral nutriceutical is non-prescription and is directly available to patients, although researchers recommend consulting a physician before use. Its effects can not be proven before it is tested with a wider sample group.



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