Going For a Walk Everyday Can Help Keep AMD Away

People who go for a walk each day could help to keep age-related macular degeneration (AMD) away, reported the Trinidad Guardian on June 25.

While most people realize that walking can help them lose weight, stay in shape, strengthen their bones and improve their overall health, some might not understand that this form of exercise could also help them to ward off the feared eye ailment that can lead to blindness.

According to the article, people who walk for at least half an hour each day can reduce their odds of coming down with AMD as well as reduce their blood pressure and more. So people who want to do everything in their power to avoid getting AMD might want to get out of bed a bit earlier each morning for a walk around their neighborhood.

But simply heading out and walking around isn’t enough. People need to boost the intensity of their strides to elevate their heart rate. So, by all means, people can begin their walk at a relaxed pace that is conducive to taking in the scenery. But they eventually need to adopt a nice, brisk pace to get a good workout. Those who are especially proactive can pepper their walk with extra things to get a total body workout. Options include incorporating push ups, using a bench to do dips and using a curb to do toe touches.

It has already been well established in various studies that lifestyle changes can help people to reduce their odds of getting AMD. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fish with omega-3 fatty acids can help. And people who smoke should certainly get whatever medical assistance they need to kick the habit because studies show that those who light up are much more likely than those who do not to be diagnosed with AMD later in life.

Moreover, getting regular eye exams is a proactive measure people can take to safeguard their eye health. If they have a family history of AMD or if they have eye issues that might require medical attention, they should ask their eye doctor how often they need to be tested.

Reference: http://www.guardian.co.tt/lifestyle/2012-06-25/health-benefits-daily-walk

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