Eating Goji Berries Can Help People Ward Off AMD

( People who consume goji berries can reduce their risks of coming down with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), reported Hawkes’ Health Forum.

Dr. Robert J. Rowen said in the article that, due to the fact that modern medicine offers relatively little to help those with AMD, he’s continuously on the lookout for ways to halt and reverse the blindness-causing eye condition. He added that people who are seeking out so-called superfoods to keep their macula in good repair need look no further than goji berries.

In the article, Dr. Rowen cited a study involving 150 elderly persons who were in good health. In the study, researchers provided goji berries courtesy of Lacto-Wolfberry, a milk-based substance. The researchers ensured that the study participants had 13.7 grams daily over a 90-day period. According to the article, some study candidates were given a placebo instead of the goji berries.

After the 90-day period was up, the researchers compared candidates who had been given the goji berries to candidates who had taken a placebo. They discovered that those who had used the goji berries had better macular health than those who had taken a placebo. In fact, candidates that had taken a placebo showed signs of soft drusen and hypopigmentation development — signs of ailment progression. However, the candidates who used goji berries remained stable. The article added that  candidates who used the goji berries also saw their plasma zeaxanthin climb 25% and their antioxidant capacity rise 57%. Such improvements were not seen among the candidates who took a placebo, according to the article.

While the proprietary Lacto-Wolfberry product does not appear to be available for sale to consumers, Dr. Rowen suggested in the article that goji berries are things people can grow in their own gardens. They are also widely available at many health food stores nationwide. He added in the article that people can eat as much of this healthy fruit as they so desire since they’re good not only for the eyes, but also for the entire body.

Various reports have made a correlation between what people eat and their odds of coming down with AMD. It is generally accepted that people who watch their waistline, eat lots of fish containing omega-3 fatty acids and consume generous amounts of leafy green produce can lower their odds of getting AMD.





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