Apeliotus Vision Science’s Readying AdaptDx Product For Roll Out

(www.MacularDegenerations.com) Apeliotus Vision Science is pursuing series A financing worth $4 million in order to advance a product designed to identify the beginning phases of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), reported MEDCITY on August 7.

Apeliotus Vision Science Chief Executive Officer John Edwards said in the article focusing on the development that the company is on the verge of moving its AdaptDx dark adaptometer device to production stage and will kick off a promotional initiative in the fall. He explained that Apeliotus Vision Science will roll out the product either at the conclusion of 2012 or early next year.  According to the article, Edwards also disclosed that Apeliotus Vision Science has chosen Eagleville, Pennsylvania-based Ineprod to manufacture its product and has retained Devon, Pennsylvania-based Zero to 5ive to provide marketing services.

According to the article, Apeliotus Vision Science’s U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved diagnostic test is based on studies showing that losing the capacity to adjust to the dark is an early symptom of AMD. Apeliotus’ AdaptDX, a computer-automated device, assesses via a 20-minute how much light people can register. By so doing, the device will be able to provide determine the onset of AMD, which will allow people who are found to have the early stages of the eye ailment to take measures to slow down the development of the disease.

According to the article, Atlanta, Georgia-based Apeliotus was previously spun out from Atlanta, Georgia-based Apeliotus Technologies. Apeliotus Technologies creates and commercializes medical tools based on inventions made by university researchers.

No cure presently exists for AMD. However, people can, courtesy of early detection, slow down the progression of the blindness-causing eye condition that usually occurs in people after they reach 50 years old. The article cited Frost & Sullivan as saying that that AMD market is worth some $7 billion.

People who want to improve their chances of avoiding AMD should be sure to exercise regularly, eat food with omega-3 fatty acids and maintain a healthy wait. It’s also important for people to see their optometrist regularly to get their eyes tested. If they have a family history of AMD, they should all the more regularly see their eye doctor.

Reference: http://medcitynews.com/2012/08/early-detection-diagnostic-for-macular-degeneration-raising-4-million-for-product-launch/


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