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  • Test Results From £50,000 Occular Coherance Tomography Machine Helps Former Fire Chief Save Vision

    Former fire chief Dennis Mee, 78, of Solihull, England, can credit a spanking new piece of equipment for not only detecting signs of wet macular degeneration, but also enabling him to seek vision-saving medical attention. According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, Mee was the first person to be tested with the £50,000 Occular […]

  • AREDS Study for Macular Degeneration

    The AREDS Study (Age Related Eye Disease Study) was a major clinical study sponsored by The National Eye Institute.  The study was performed to research the affects of high doses of antioxidants and zinc as related to the progression of macular degeneration. The study concluded that high levels of specific antioxidants and zinc can help […]